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Schools and Colleges


We welcome students for our educational programmes during their vacations and breaks. Based on the age group, and preferred language (Hindi or English), we can offer different modules on different themes. Courses will be conducted by educators specially invited for the course duration and/or our in-house team, depending on the course theme and preferences of the participating school or college. Here’s a small sample of potential courses we offer:


  • Forest Walks- Exploring the forest, Locating the sources of streams, appreciating plant biodiversity, animal life.

  • Less is More- What are the alternatives to consumerism? Students experience living on the farm site with energy 500W/day, cooking meals from garden vegetables, and learn to manage waste.

  • Know your farmers- Students get to visit nearby villages and meet farmers and families and get a first-hand insight into the life, challenges and practices of small-holdings subsistence farmers in the hills.

  • From Seed to Plate- Students sow seeds, make garden beds, make compost, cook their meals and appreciate the life processes and societal processes involved in growing food.


We also invite students to experience living and working on the farm, or to volunteer/intern with us in the many projects we are undertaking. See our seasonal farm activities and upcoming projects.

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