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The Himalayan Farm Project involves people from many different walks of life: People who have come together to work towards environmental and social well-being, and holistic education. 

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Hari Pant, 

Contact me:

Eliott Mercier,


I retired in the rank of Brigadier General from the Indian army in 1997, after 33 years of active service. Retirement granted me the opportunity to return to the land of my forefathers, the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, where I currently reside.


Post retirement, I finally found the time to engage with my lifelong interests of alternative medicine through homeopathy, ayurveda  and foods that heal. My interest in holistic health led to increasing experiments with growing organic fruits and vegetables.


I had the opportunity to learn by conversations and study at  Schumacher College, Dartington UK, where I attended two courses; Illness to Wellness in 2007 and Reconnecting Nature with Healing in 2008 (


In 2010, I won a Fellowship to attend The Apprenticeship Program in Ecological Horticulture at the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (, University of California, Santa Cruz.


During my time there I also volunteered at The Garden Project in San Francisco (, an organization founded by my mentor Cathrine Sneed, who was my teacher in Schumacher College.


Drawing upon my learning’s from the Apprentice program, I started the Himalayan Farm Project in 2011.I dream of this center as a farming community that showcases sustainable agriculture and horticulture techniques. It is open to all fellow dreamers to come and share their learnings and learn from each other.


After spending a lot of time on the farm in it’s initial stages of growth, I now live in Bhimtal with my wife Kumkum. Bhimtal is just over an hour from the farm, and I visit the farm periodically.


Since 2013, once in a year I volunteer with the Garden Project and also talk about the Himalayan Farm Project in UCSC.





Pankaj Rawat

Present Steward since Novemeber 29, 2017

Living life in city for 33 years, decided to leave city's luxurious and materialistic life and came back to the roots. It was hard, but to be honest the inner peace i found here in this farm is priceless. Feel lucky to be here. Working hard everyday to make a small heaven here. 

This is not just a farm for me now, it is my new home.


            Kunal Sanwal


                  June 2015-

                         Feburary 2016



Vlatka Klanjcic Rawat 

Present Long Time Volunteer since Novemeber 29, 2017             

After many years of searching, studying and living with Nature & Healings, with "touch" almost every part of the world, HFP became my home and place where I put all my life experience till now. Everything was needed to come on this path of awareness for good of people and Mother Earth. Life style in hills is what i was searching for, and ideal place to grow. Most thankful that I have opportunity to create small heaven on Earth

I came to the Himalayan farm having very little clue about a sustainable life but the place provided me with an opportunity not just to experience that but have a vast family from diverse backgrounds all coming together to call the place home.

I stayed at the Himalayan farm for 9 months and loved every moment of it, be it hauling the heavy stuff up or fighting the bushfire - they were all very special moments with brilliant people!

To see people reconnecting with the land and the wonders of nature is what brings me joy. My intention is to demonstrate that being a farmer today can be a deep intellectual and emotional experience. With my background in social entrepreneurship and integral innovation, I hope to trigger another organisational structure where people are at the centre of social and environmental development. I also believe in collaboration and hope to bring together the different organisations working towards ecological well-being.


My passion for people, nature, and writing allow me to explore diverse ways of communicating and shows me the endless sources of learning in our endeavour.


I am in France most of the time; thinking about ways of extending the web of educational platforms.

Richa Pant,

Contact me at:

I am a journalist, educator, traveler and mother. I am currently based in Delhi where my daughter goes to school. I believe connecting with the land and nature is a great way for kids to learn and resist consumerism.


I believe the pared down nature of the off-grid life is a great teacher. It’s only when you live it, you realize how little you actually need to be contended and comfortable. I hope to share the back to basics, simple living with children from around the country.


I am interested in low impact architecture, off grid living and gift economy, and hope to explore all these aspects at the Farm. I am exploring partnerships and collaborations to create a sustainable revenue stream for the Himalayan Farm Project. 

Growing food. Growing people.
Join us!
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