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Other Ways to Get Involved!


The following examples are some more ways to join us at the Himalayan Farm Project...

Universities and Researchers


We are willing to offer our space to students and researchers who would like to help us in developing low-energy, practical, appropriate technology: from mechanical devices for threshing and processing harvest (specifically in the context of hill farming), to designing low-input induction cookers. We are also willing to offer our space for conducting awareness camps in an informal setting on biodiversity, food policy issues, human-wildlife conflict and similar themes.

Writers and Artist Retreats


If you are a writer or an artist, and you are looking for a space of seclusion and contemplation to work, we can host you in our retreat programme. We will find it particularly meaningful to host you if your work is based around food and farming, ecology, environment and Mother Earth.

Visiting the Farm


If you would you like to visit us, meet our team and would like a guided tour, and some fresh food, you are welcome. We are open to visitors on weekends, when there are no courses running. Please write to us in advance!

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